Frequently Asked Questions

Billing Services & Insurance Information

Why am I receiving a bill when my practitioner or insurance company told me my product would be “covered”?
The product you received may be one typically covered by your insurance company, but maybe not be covered under your specific plan or your specific diagnosis may not meet that coverage criteria. When an insurance company tells you a product is “covered”, this does not mean reimbursement is guaranteed. Even though the product you received is indeed covered, it may still be subject to deductibles and coinsurance.

How much do I really owe?
You are responsible for the amount listed in the box “Due from Patient”. As every insurance plan is different, if you disagree with the way your insurance paid on account, please contact them prior to contacting our office. Please keep in mind that your contract is between you and your insurance company and we are not part of your office visit or surgery.

I received this product for my surgery or office visit, how come I am receiving a separate bill?
The product you received was provided by OrthoCare and not by your practitioner or surgical center and as such was billed separately to your insurance company. The product was not included as part of your office visit or surgery.

Why wouldn’t my insurance carrier pay for the entire amount?
Based on your insurance benefits, your insurance company may determine that a portion or even the entire amount of the bill is due from you. DME (Durable Medical Equipment) is a separate rider on your insurance plan and may be subject to deductibles and coinsurance. Consult your insurance benefits package or contact your insurance provider to inquire about your DME benefit coverage.

What if I cannot pay in full?
Please call one of our patient account representatives at 866-225-8839


On the day of my appointment what do I need to bring with me?

  • A form of Identification (e.g Driver’s license, Passport, Identification card, etc.)
  • A prescription from your practitioner
  • Insurance Information
    • If it is workers compensation, we need information regarding the workers compensation claim.
  • If you have any questions to what to bring to your appointment please call us today at 866-225-8839.

What am I being asked to sign for?
Your practitioner has prescribed a medical product to aid in your recovery and this product is being supplied and billed by a third party, OrthoCare Medical Equipment, LLC. Your signature and initials on the patient agreement form represent a contract acknowledging receipt of the item and understanding that you are responsible for any non-covered expenses by your insurance carrier.


How do I determine how much I will owe for the product prescribed by my practitioner?
Contact OrthoCare Medical Equipment at 866-225-8839 and ask a representative. Please have the product being prescribed so a representative can accurately provide detailed information.

I only used this medical product for a short time, can I return it?
Due to compliance regulations, once a product is used, even only for a short period, it cannot be returned. Returns are acceptable if they have never been used and the return is within a 30 day period from date of delivery in resalable condition. All returns need to be made directly to OrthoCare Medical Equipment.