OrthoCare is a nationally accredited low-cost provider of Durable Medical Equipment (DME) in the Northeast. We offer many flexible solutions to address DME needs across varying settings. Orthocare focuses on establishing programs that provide the best care to both patients and their referring providers.

For our patients, we at OrthoCare do care! We care about your experience as well as your outcome and satisfaction with the product you receive. OrthoCare works continuously to provide the best educational programs designed to inform patients about all aspects of their care with us from the product received to the billing process. OrthoCare cares about your out of pocket cost and as such we are constantly working on streamlining our operations to continue being the lowest cost provider of DME products in New England. So many plans have changed to having a high deductible and we are sensitive to the fact that this financial burden is transferred to the patients. We want your feedback at all times because that is what keeps us on our game so please contact us!

For our partners, OrthoCare provides simple solutions for the delivery of a full-service Orthopaedic DME program. We remove all hassles associated with DME fulfillment and allow you to provide the very best care. Our goal is to deliver system-wide, seamless services to meet your patient needs and maximize the cost savings to the medical facility. As a provider, you strive to provide the greatest care, comfort, and aid to patients recovering from injury or surgery. When you partner with OrthoCare, you know you are offering the absolute best in Orthopaedic DME…putting yourself and your patients at ease.